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    Time Attendance
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Allied Enterprises is one of the leading professional vendors in the arena of security systems and construction management. Allied Enterprises is a team of passionate young individuals who are committed to making a difference in the way businesses are run. We offer a wide array of technical solutions for various needs of homes and businesses which help get better outcomes with strong operational focus.


We’ve focused on delivering enterprise-grade reliability and quality of service. We are fully committed and dedicated to our customers.


Partnering with global experts and agencies to extend our value.


Multilingual Support

System maintenance and support has always been a challenging task especially when you want to ensure you system functions seamlessly without any hardware, software failover bottlenecks.



  • Biometric Solutions

    Access Control
    Time & Attendance Software.


    Voice and Data Cabling
    Network Telecom Installation

  • Enterprise Solutions

    ERP Integration
    CRM Development


    Vehicle Tracking
    Fleet Management Solutions


    Document Management
    Employees Management

  • Web Development

    Enterprise Websites
    Custom web platforms

  • SME solutions

    Payroll System

  • Mobile apps

    website mobile version
    mobile business solutions

Projects References

We have earned the trust of many customers , including these fine companies.


Biometric Solutions

Founded as a biometrics technology consultancy for companies implementing biometric identification systems, Allied’s original mission was to help clients close the knowledge gap between biometrics technology theory and its practical application. Due to customer demand and a lack of easy accessibility to suppliers in the biometrics industry, Allied added software technology and hardware distribution to our consultancy practice. Allied rapidly established itself as a reputable and highly customer focused supplier causing our domestic and international distribution to grow rapidly.



Allied Enterprises offers the highest value GPS vehicle tracking device and fleet management system in the industry; its priced at a level that any small or mid-sized business owner can easily afford. Additionally, its off-the-shelf functionality and rapid deployment easily scales for larger fleet organizations.


Web Development

Allied Enterprise Web Application Development services help you address evolving business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications tailored to meet your business requirements. We deliver high quality, flexible applications that are easy to maintain, modular to facilitate enhancements, and are reliable, secure and easy to deploy.



We shape Android apps specific to your ideas, whether in entertainment or business fronts. With Android application it has really become very simple to do some really great things. We ensure value added service for your business.

We are able to utilize our expertise and knowledge to develop beautiful mobile apps across multiple platforms in a timely manner. We have a strong reputation for helping businesses and organizations to achieve their goals.


Telecom & Network Solutions

Allied's Infrastructure Division is capable of designing and installing highly scalable voice, video and data networks. Organizations of all types have chosen Allied to create physical networks following the published standards of the Telecommunications Industry. ALLIED ENTERPRISES commitment has always been to provide high quality telecommunication products and services for small to middle-sized companies as well as large corporations. Imbedded in this commitment is to provide these products and services at competitive pricing, without compromising the service and reliability our customers deserve. We offer a diversity of products and services that rank at the top of the industry.

Network Assessement

At Allied, we’ve been doing network assessments and network designs on a regular basis for some pretty large customers. If you are looking to maximize your IT investment, it’s time to call Allied and Get Ahead of IT. Allied takes a strategic approach, making sure that technology platforms work together, to serve your business objectives – and get results.

Voice & Data

Allied's Infrastructure Division is capable of designing and installing highly scalable voice, video and data networks. Organizations of all types have chosen Allied to create physical networks following the published standards of the Telecommunications Industry.


Our team is comprised of experienced cable installers. We only use the highest quality cable wiring and connectors, ensuring that your business is running at top possible speeds. Every aspect is tested, and we won't leave the project until we are certain that your network is operating at the level your business needs it to.

Structured Cabling

ALLIED ENTERPRISES provides network cabling services to businesses in the State of Qatar All installed to ANSI specifications. No zip ties. No bends.
We provide installation for all types of low voltage data cabling, including:


ALLIED ENTERPRISES in technical partnership with Alemsan offers custom architecture solutions for network and server infrastructure. The customized design, which integrates

allows the selection of standardized components to create a comprehensive solution through modular and adaptable configurations. This standardization enables an easily scalable architecture designed to meet changing needs and future expansion. This approach provides not only increased availability, improved long term adaptability and speed of deployment but also lower total cost of ownership for IT environments.

Many data centers face critical power and cooling challenges when deploying high-density applications with rack power densities typically greater than 5kW. These high density environments are caused by a variety of drivers. From deployment of new technology such as blade servers to IT environment changes caused by server consolidation and migration. In fact, according to an industry survey, 85% of medium-to-large enterprise companies are in the process of planning or implementing server consolidation projects based on existing system ernovations and upgrades.


Knowing the right data cable to use for the right application is a key to the long-term success of your cabling system. Choosing the right medium for your particular application also maximizes your money spent. Your office’s communication cable is quite literally the “backbone” of all your systems. From telephone to data to voice to wireless: everything resolves to a cabled connection within your office.

ALLIED ENTERPRISES provides network cabling services to businesses in the State of Qatar All installed to ANSI specifications. No zip ties. No bends.

Enterprise Solutions

ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. An enterprise resource planning system is just another term for business management system. An ERP system can involve a number of different functions, but it’s basically business management software that’s designed to integrate and streamline your business’s main activities to make them more time- and resource-efficient. Businesses use ERP systems to collect, store, manage and understand information from all their internal processes. An ERP system can manage HR, inventory, sales and other functions, as well as giving business owners an overview of the entire business – often in real-time – from a customised dashboard. Each part of the business has access to up-to-date and relevant information at all times.


Office Management

We can convert your paper into digital documents, easing information retrieval and freeing up your valuable workspace by archiving your paper files to CD, office servers or the Internet. Not only will you avoid searching through filing cabinets or stacks of folders, you will be able to conduct key word searches to bring the needed information to your fingertips


SME Solutions

So you’ve been in business for a while and, besides the usual start-up challenges, things have been running fairly smoothly. Your business systems have developed organically – you’re building a marketing database, you’ve got a functioning HR and payroll system in place, and your pricing information is maintained in a few spreadsheets.A bright spark in your team has noticed that if you link your sales processes to your customer relationship management, you’ll save valuable hours each month – not to mention give your customers a much more streamlined experience. Closer observation tells you that integrating a few other databases and spreadsheets will create other efficiencies.