Team Allied 

In the fast-faced world of computers and technology, knowing the right solutions to counter problems is extremely important. The right solution can help you save time and cost.

With the advent of the Information and Communication industry, ideas that were earlier thought to be impossible now are viable.

This century has seen a mammoth of technological changes impacting the lives of millions around the globe. This impact has been in terms of:

  • Time reduction for communication

  • Increase in flexibility of work

  • Wireless connectivity around the globe

  • Cutting down of data transfer costs

  • Creation of data pools and online storage


Software intelligence and technical understanding are two key areas which can lead companies into newer fronts. Sound knowledge in both will help in creating fast and efficient office systems which can quickly redress problems.

Security is also posing a challenge to many businesses around the globe. Technical infrastructure is ever expanding into newer and more compact modes which are bringing new opportunities to the engineering players across the world.

Who are our target audience?

Anybody who is in need of technical consultation regarding IT systems, construction maintenance services and security services are our clients. These include can:

  • MNCs and organizations

  • Government establishments

  • Personal vendors

  • Start ups

  • Homes and apartments

  • Recreational facilities

  • Individual persons

  • Web-Based Time Management Software

  • Roster and Overtime Management

  • Flexible Shift Scheduling

  • Integration with API